AI: Support for Healthcare

Artificial intelligence is already an asset to the healthcare sector and will become indispensable in the future 

Artificial intelligence describes a set of technologies that helps doctors make diagnoses and therapies always better and more personalized and is one of the most important future topics in healthcare.

The healthcare research also benefits from AI algorithms: Only recently it was reported that research - thanks to AI - has achieved a breakthrough in decoding protein folding.


If we can program a machine with enough images of black skin cancer and harmless moles, the machine "learns" to recognize black skin cancer. AI can recognize the images faster and more precise than a doctor analyze and thereby make medicine significantly better. The data collected will enable medicine to take precise account of patients' individual concerns and suggest personalized therapies: general medicine will thus become the personalized medicine.

If we feed a machine with voices and classify these voices with "inconspicuous" and "conspicuous", the machine "learns" to distinguish between them. This creates a Appwhich, by means of artificial intelligence can diagnos Parkinson's disease . The patient receives his diagnosis very early, because KI already perceives minimal changes in the voice.

It is already clear that KI will revolutionize medicine as we understand it today. Many companies have already recognized the opportunity to develop new business models in the healthcare sector. The roles of participants in the healthcare system will change as a result of this digital revolution. New solutions are needed to drive real innovation.

The most important distinction between an AI system and a classical system lies in the control: AI systems are driven by data (often called Big Data . There are no longer programmers who write instructions that a system then executes.

Therefore, this technology brings new challenges :

  • Data security - it is about people's health, the stored data must be protected. Doctors and scientists are allowed to use the data for new treatments or new therapies. We must ensure this.
  • Validation of the systems - with AI solutions, the machine "learns" independently. The system produces results that are not easily comprehensible. This is a real challenge for the current regulations in the medical environment.
  • Blind spots - artificial intelligence learns from the data it can access. If the data does not illuminate all aspects of the patients or the diseases, the doctors and the scientists draw the wrong conclusions.

We at LorenzCare make us strong for the diversity of the data. We help ensure that medical records are stored in a gender-specific manner and that algorithms take these differences into account.

Did you know that some medications do not work at all in women or are toxic ?

Did you know that for some diseases data are completely missing?

In medicine, one norm has been established over the centuries: That of the white man.

Our vision is a healthcare system that puts people first . We see AI as a key technology to improve efficiency in the healthcare system. Thanks to Deep Learning, Big Data and data analytics, the physician gets excellent support in all topics that are mechanical and tedious.

Many tasks and challenges are ahead of us in the healthcare sector:

  • Standardization of the data and the interfaces for an open exchange in the health care system
  • Digitization of many areas that are still not state of the art today
  • Construction of ecosystems, so that innovation is driven forward
  • Involvement of universities so that the research quickly delivers results to the economy and companies can benefit from it
  • Rewarding efficiency , not measures, in billing for physician services

On the other hand, patients are emancipating themselves more and more:

  • New „medical devices" with AI applications provide new insights and recommendations.
  • Doctors are no longer the only knowledge carrier, today's patients are very well informed and look to their doctors as health guides to help them find their way around health issues.
  • Patients have good access to technologies and a high acceptance of digital solutions.

The economic context changes as well:

  • Technology giants are conquering the market with innovative solutions that challenge the traditional healthcare industry.
  • The consumers are creating increased demand for e-health services.
  • Many Start-ups are entering the market with intelligent applications that challenge old business models.
  • The Federal Ministry of Health has created the possibility of prescribing apps on prescription , opening up an interesting new market entry into the healthcare industry. 

Our offer for you:

  • Understand and define problem from customer side in three days
  • Your prototype in three weeks
  • Your MVP in three months

all this with our agile methods and with our experts for a holistic approach.

Do you want to exchange ideas?

I am good at bringing the right people together for the right projects. My Health Hour every other Friday is attended by health pioneers, creative people, pharmaceutical experts, scientists and more. Together we look for solutions to make people's lives better.

Be there, every second Friday, on Zoom. Just write me a short mail and I will send you the access data.


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